OK, if you are wondering where I came up with “WiFi Jedi”, here is the short of it – I wanted to come up with something catchy and easy to remember regarding my specialty, wireless networking and security.

I was originally thinking of “The L2 Guru” as much of 802.11 wireless operates at the MAC Layer, but then I thought that Mike Meyers might want to do a sequel to “The Love Guru”.

I live in a house that seems to be semi-obsessed with Star Wars.  We have two cats who are litter mates – one of each sex.   Naturally, we named them “Luke Skywalker” and “Princess Leia”.   Therefore, I just thought “WiFi Jedi” fit the bill.

I chose to start my blog on WordPress because it was free, widely used, and even had a free iPhone app so that I can update my blog while on the go!  I also believe I can tie my blog posts into my LinkedIn page (

More details about me can be seen at:

More details about Xirrus can be seen at:


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