Speaking Engagement – Webinar on 1/26 at 9AM PST

OK, I promised to give more notice on future speaking engagements.  I am giving a Webinar on “Wireless Security Assessments” on Monday, 1/26 at 9AM PST.

Below is information about the presentation, including the link to attend along with a session description.

Webcast Live Date & Time: 9:00am JAN 26 2009 United States – Los Angeles

Duration: 45 mins



Session Description – Wireless Security Assessments

Our speaker, Douglas Haider, will be presenting on the unique challenges inherent to assessing and securing wireless networks. With the recent reduction in costs of wireless equipment, it has become increasingly common for companies to implement wireless technology.  Companies may desire the convenience that wireless technologies provide, but may not appreciate the security risks inherent to these systems.  Adding wireless equipment to the corporate network adds a significant amount of additional risk to the I.T. infrastructure.  Mr. Haider will cover some of the key tools and methodologies for identifying and mitigating these risks.


5 comments so far

  1. g20budo on

    Hey Douglas, I plan on attending the webinar! Good meeting you the other day!

    • wifijedi on

      Glad to see that you attended the webinar. I have another BrightTalk webinar coming up in March as a part of one of their symposiums on Enterprise Mobility and Security. I will post those details closer to the event.

  2. g20budo on

    Oh, this is Kyle. 😉

  3. g20budo on


    Great webcast, lots of good info and food for thought! Keep up the good work!

    • wifijedi on

      Thanks for your kind words!

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