Back|Track 4 Beta Public Release

While I don’t do it nearly as much as I used to, Wireless Security Assessments and Penetration Testing are favorite activities of mine.  When I first started learning, I took a course by The Shmoo Group’s Beetle (Don Baily) at DallasCON as well as one of the first versions of the SANS “Wireless Ethical Hacking, Pen Tests, and Defenses” (which was then called “Assessing and Securing Wireless Networks”).  The SANS course was taught by Joshua Wright.  In both of these courses, we used a Linux distro called “Auditor”.  The Auditor security collection was the pre-cursor to Back|Track, and it contained many of the more popular tools for wireless assessments to include Kismet, Aircrack, and others.

At any rate, Back|Track has now grown to over 300 tools, to include CoWPAtty (to crack WPA-PSKs), Karma & Hotspotter (to attack client side vulnernabilities), and CarWhisperer & Red Fang (which address Bluetooth).  The newest beta version, Back|Track 4, has just been released to the public today.  I suggest you view the Back|Track 4 blog posting, which contains links to download the .iso file.

A quick word to the wise – the difference between an Ethical Hacker and a criminal is permission.  Be sure you have written permission before you assess any organization with these tools.  That being said, happy hacking!


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