*Speaking Engagement* – FREE Webinar March 24th

I am giving a Webinar on Replacing Ethernet Switching to the Desktop with Wireless on March 24th, 2009 4PM Pacific Time.

Below is information about the presentation, including the link to attend along with a session description.

Webcast Title: Is WiFi Really Ready to Replace Ethernet to the Desktop?

Webcast Live Date & Time: 4:00pm  MAR 24 2009 United States – Los Angeles

Duration: 45 mins



Session Description – Is WiFi Really Ready to Replace Ethernet to the Desktop?

Ratification of the next generation IEEE wireless standard, 802.11n, is just around the corner. 802.11n brings data rates of several hundred megabits per second, which many analysts say is instrumental in WiFi replacing Ethernet switching to the desktop. But is wireless really a capable replacement? Our speaker, Mr. Douglas Haider, will explore the performance, security, scalability, and reliability of next generation wireless LANs. Mr. Haider will address both the technical and business requirements of the audience. The presentation is built around a case study and is packed with specific recommendations, suggested tools, and information on where to find additional resources.


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