Insider’s Guide to a SANS Conference – Setup

This is the first blog post in a series, “Insider’s Guide to a SANS Conference”. It corresponds to my attendance at the SANS Phoenix Conference March 23-30, 2009.

As a disclaimer, this “Insider’s Guide” will not provide you confidential information.

Also, you should know that I am “nobody special” within the organization. This is the third conference I have attended, all through their work-study (volunteer) program. I have Mentored the wireless course and taught a wireless Stay Sharp course in Dallas a couple years ago, but that’s it.

The series is meant to be detailed description of my participation and to hopefully encourage others to attend. (I am a big fan!)  I am taking the “Security Leadership Essentials for Managers” course, which is being taught by Stephen Northcutt – the CEO of SANS.  

I am also “micro-blogging” about the conference via Twitter. You can find my updates with the hashtag #SANS_PHXbetter yet, you can “follow me” on Twitter @wifijedi to see all the updates in your own time line!

Today the conference organizers & volunteers set up the conference. Since this is a smaller, regional conference, there are only 5 volunteers (one for each course they are running). Setting up consisted of the following activities:

  • Preparing name badges 
  • Preparing registration folders 
  • Recieving and sorting courseware (books)
  • Stuffing totes with courseware and other inserts 
  • Sorting conference shirt by size 
  • Placing signage throughout facility directing attendees to registration, classrooms, internet cafe, etc.  
  • Setting up registration station 
  • Preparing course evaluation forms & folders 
  • A briefing regarding volunteer duties & expectations
  • Etc. 

I am looking forward to seeing all the attendees at the registration booth from 7:00 – 9:00 AM tomorrow morning!  

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  1. Lilly on

    Thank you for your time sharing your sueccss’ and strategies with all of us ! Happy New Year to you and yours in 2010!I am a 30 yr old drop out, with my GED. No other education except for life experiences and those offered through my employer. I have worked for the same employer for 10 years now. I love my job! I love working with people, and like yourself helping others succeed and seeing the result of our labors. The problem .I have been trying to further my career and have so far been unsueccssful. I have in the past gotten to the position that I am currently in,by job performance and results. But now I feel as if its that I do my job too well.(only because thats what I’ve been told)I have gone above and beyond to help others in the company to succeed and have had very positive results for the company that I work for. I feel that I could do so much more for my associates and the company if I were to be in a different position.What would you suggest?

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