Wi-Fi Masterminds

I am starting a new series here called “Wi-Fi Masterminds” (TM).

I will ask questions to a series of panelists and they will answer in round-robin fashion, where they can answer the question as well as respond to others.

If you have ever seen the show “Around the Horn” on ESPN, that is the type of interaction I am looking for.

I am planning on a pool of 6-8 masterminds, bit will limit each question to a panel of three members. I will try to minimize my own involvement in the questions to only provide structure where needed or correct any factual errors.

I am drawing the masterminds from several different wireless vendors & VARs as all as individual consultancies. I would like to keep the discussion as vendor neutral as possible. I understand that it may be necessary to refer to vendor specifics from time to time, but have asked all panelists to be respectful of other vendor viewpoints.

My first question is about wireless IDS/IPS systems and is meant to piggyback off of recent content I published here as well as on my Computerworld blog.

Feel free to suggest future topics and/or volunteer as a panelist. When the first post is published (hopefully in the next day or two), let our panel know what you think by submitting a comment of your own.


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