I made it to Syn-City.  Whoops!  That’s the geek in me.  You know… the three way handshake… Syn, Syn-Ack, Ack  (I guess its not a good joke if you have to explain it).   

This week, I will be attending both INTEROP and Forrester’s IT Forum.  Due to the lack of sleep this city usually affords me, I will be concentrating my efforts on my Computerworld blog, and plan to have a post everyday, starting this evening and running through Thursday.  

It’s going to be a busy week for me.  Besides blogging, my employer (Xirrus) is exhibiting at the show as well as providing the WiFi for all exhibitors and attendees.  (Translation: I will be pulling booth duty.  Stop on by and say hello!)

I also have a number of meetings set up with some real movers and shakers in the wireless industry.  Today, I had lunch with Craig Mathias, who is the conference chair of the wireless track at INTEROP.  Craig and I had a great discussion.  We discussed

  • What looks to be the most exciting part of the upcoming wireless track at INTEROP 
  • If wireless is a capable replacement to Ethernet switching to the desktop 
  • The general decline in interest in wireless security

I plan on transcribing our Q&A in my Computerworld blog post later this evening.  Over the next few days, I will have Q&A with other journalists, analysts, etc. so reach out and let me know in the comments section what I should ask them!

I also have several other “extra-curricular activities” while I am in Vegas.  No, it’s not what you’re thinking…  One such event that I am particularly excited about it tonight’s “Beer & Bloggers” event down at Palazzo.  If you are in Vegas, come on by!  The logistical information is below:

Las Vegas Tweetup – 2009
Monday May 18, 2009 from 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Dos Caminos
inside the Palazzo Hotel/Casino
3325 Las Vegas Blvd.
South Las Vegas, Nevada 89109


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  1. Justin Hall on

    Hey Doug – If you get a chance, head to the Cisco Partner Pavilion and hunt down the AirMagnet crew. Ask for Wade Williamson (dir. of product management). He could provide some good insight on the wireless security angle (and perceived decline). He’s also on a panel with Paul DeBeasi later in the week addressing compliance. -Justin

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