Wireless Gift Guide (Cont.)

There are only a few more shopping days before Christmas.  If you have procrastinated until this point, perhaps you should view the “wireless gift guide” I recently published on my Computerworld blog.

I have one addition to the list:

  • BlueAnt Supertooth Light – I can’t believe I excluded this one from the list because I actually *received* one of these as a Christmas gift this year.  It’s a Bluetooth speakerphone/microphone that hangs on a car sun visor.    And as Sheldon from the TV show, Big Bang Theory says, “Everything is better with Bluetooth”.   I actually had a similar device from a different manufacturer and didn’t like it –mostly because it wasn’t loud enough.  The call quality on both ends is excellent with the BlueAnt device.

I also wanted to expand on two of the original suggestions:

  • PlayStation3 – The Wi-Fi on this does a lot more than I originally anticipated. Not only does it allow for free online game play, but it facilitates game updates.  Once such example of this is in sports games where updated team rosters can be downloaded from online servers.  You can also stream movies directly to the PS3 from NetFlix.

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