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I’m Giving Away a FREE Copy of the CWTS Study Guide!

Perhaps you want to gain an entry level certification in wireless networking & security?  Maybe you want a better understanding of the “bits and bytes” of wireless. Or maybe you’d like to read case studies of wireless site surveys, installations, and troubleshooting in different industries.

All of that information (and more) is contained in the CWTS (Certified Wireless Technology Specialist) Official Study Guide by Robert Bartz and published by Sybex.

Here’s the best part — I am giving away a copy for FREE. Shipped right to your door if you are anywhere in the US.

Last week I announced a contest to win this book by submitting the most insightful/valuable wireless blog (or news source).  So far, there have been *no* entries, so at this point, I’d say you have a pretty good chance of winning…

However, the contest closes tomorrow, Wednesday, August 11th. Submit your entry by leaving a comment on this blog post (there is a link at the top of the post near the category information and tags).  Alternatively, you can leave a comment on the original post, “What’s Your Favorite Wireless Blog or News Source”.

For more information on the Certified Wireless Technology Specialist exam, visit exam site at


What’s Your Favoirte Wireless Blog or News Source?

I recently read an article entitled “Why employees don’t want to blog“.  The article stated that less than 1% of Internet users have an active blog.

Personally, I have a rather hard time finding blogs about Enterprise Wi-Fi networking & security. That being said, there’s a real need for this type of information.

As Nigel Fenwick points out in the video interview below, there is a much bigger value to this online content than one might think due to the high number of people that are engaged as critics, conversationalists, or spectators.

One such person is Andrew VonNagy, who participated in one of my contests offering a “Free Copy of Wireless Hacking Exposed” in exchange for the best wireless pen testing tip.

The funny thing is, by entering the contest, I stumbled onto Andrew’s blog — Revolution Wi-Fi — and realized that Andrew is a wonderful content creator.   For example, over the last several days, Andrew published a great series of posts about Wireless Quality of Service.

This “discovery” motivated me to start another contest. Tell me about a new wireless blog (or news source).  Some of my favorites are already listed along the bottom, left-hand side of Whoever submits the most compelling content will win a free copy of the Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Official Study Guide.

I’ll choose the winner on the next #WirelessWednesday (Aug. 11th)