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Insider’s Guide to a SANS Conference – Day 4

In today’s MGMT 512 course, we discussed “the value of information”.   My favorite part of the course material was a discussion about intellectual property.  I will have to write a full length blog post on the topic in coming weeks – the topic and discussion were simply fascinating!

We also had a session on IT ethics.  I really like the printed course material for that section because there were a number of different ethical scenarios, along with a conservative opinion and a liberal opinion (not using conservative/liberal in the political sense).  I thought it offered a lot of value to look at both sides of the issue.  

As you may have seen in a previous post, I have been planning a short interview with Stephen Northcutt about the state of wireless networking, social media, etc.  We were able to conduct that interview after class, and I will have it posted to my blog as quickly as I can get it transcribed.  

Tomorrow is the end of the MGMT 512 course.  I believe it ends with a Management Practicum, although I am not sure.  Check back tomorrow to hear all about it!   🙂