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Laura Chappell Webinars on Wireshark Certification

If you haven’t heard, there is now a Wireshark certification.  From the Wireshark University website:

The Wireshark Certification Program strives to test a candidate’s knowledge and ability to troubleshoot, optimize and secure a network based on evidence found by analyzing traffic captured with the world’s most popular and widely-deployed analyzer, Wireshark.

To that end, Laura Chappell is hosting a series of FREE Webinars over the next 3 days to discuss the exam.  Again, taken from the Wireshark University website:

These free events cover the process of preparing and registering for the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Exam. What should you study? How should you study? What are the hot areas on the Exam? What are the Exam question formats? What should you watch for? What if you need to reschedule the Exam? What can you bring with you?

Live question and answer will follow a 20-minute presentation hosted by Laura Chappell.

All the information you need should be available on the following website: