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Twitter Power – Book Review

This should be considered the “how-to Twitter bible” for beginners and experts alike. For beginners, the book talks about how to use the technology for many different purposes including advertising, selling, customer service, etc.

For advanced users, the book discusses third-party tools, Twitter application development, and legal concerns.

Personally, the section I enjoyed the most was how to use Twitter to build and maintain a personal brand.

Joel writes in a very friendly, informal way which puts the reader at ease and enables them to digest the material at a rapid pace. Don’t let that fool you though – there are plenty of examples, case studies, and hyperlinks throughout the book.

The book ends with a 30 day action plan for how to get maximum value from using Twitter. It has specific steps to accomplish each day.

Purchasing the book also includes a free “ticket” to Joel’s online 4-week social media workshop. I found out about this feature watching Joel’s video preview of the book on Amazon. It was one of the deciding factors to purchase this versus another Twitter title. However, when the book arrived, I got so caught up in reading it, I haven’t registered for the online workshop yet. I guess that is the ultimate testimonial for how engrossing the book is…

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