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Insider’s Guide to a SANS Conference – Day 3

If you have been following my Twitter hastag for the event (#SANS_PHX), you probably realized that this was my favorite day of course material simply because this is the day we covered WIRELESS.  wOOt!  

SANS should really have a six day track focused on Wireless Ethical Hacking, Pen Testing, and Defenses… oh wait, they do have that and I have already taken it.  😉  

At any rate, the Security Leadership Essentials course material focused on “Communications Security” today with sections on wireless & bluetooth, cryptography, steganography, OPSEC, etc.  

One question that the wireless module brought up in my mind was “how many organizations audit for Bluetooth?”  My guess is that few organizations even scan for Bluetooth.  Even if they do, I think that only a handful doa complete audit that includes more advanced sniffing, pen testing, or vulnerability assessment/exploitation.  

The MGMT 512 course also had a bonus talk from Rich Mogull about the current state of the industry – good stuff! 

Lastly, today’s conference also included a vendor fair.  Michael Farnum just wrote a blog post about how much he enjoys working “booth duty” at such events because it allows him be more of a security evangelist.  As a vendor, I can relate to Michael and his feelings of working the booth.  I also enjoy being a conference attendee on the other side of the booth as it allows me to expand my knowledge and participate in meaningful discussions with people who share my passion for networking & security.  

Sorry, no conference pictures today.  Someone should send me a tweet mid-day to remind me to grab a few for tomorrow’s blog post!  

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