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Is Wireless Too Expensive? (Wi-Fi Busters Episode 3)

In this episode of Wi-Fi Busters, Xirrus’ Violet Smith explores the common mis-perception that wireless is too expensive for corporate use.

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Wi-Fi is Only For the Young! (Wi-Fi Busters)

Only young people use Wi-Fi.  It certainly isn’t a technology that older people use.  Or is it?!?

This is the topic that is explored in this short, yet informative & fun video about wireless.  Enjoy!

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Wi-Fi Busters Episode 1

My employer, Xirrus, is starting a series of videos called “Wi-Fi Busters”. Each episode will explore a certain myth around wireless communications. The first episode is around the myth that Wi-Fi causes adverse health effects.

This video is less than 3 minutes and is both fun and informative — check it out!