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If you are wondering why I didn’t post yesterday, it is because I served as a guest author on another blog, An Information Security Place.  This blog was created by a friend and former colleague of mine, Michael Farnum.  It is *really* popular – you should check it out!  How popular do you ask?   Well, if you type “an information security place” into the main page of Google, you will get approx. 25 million results.  That is pretty impressive, considering the terms “802.11n” and “WiFi hotspots” only return approx. 12 million results combined.

My post yesterday was titled Factors Determing Installed WLAN Quality, and came out of a phone conversation that I had with Veriwave’s CTO and VP of Marketing earlier in the week. We spoke about the focus on wireless coverage and low interference when field testing WLANs.  At a high level, we all agreed there were many other factors to consider, shown in the chart below:

Factors Determining Installed WLAN Quality

Factors Determining Installed WLAN Quality

Check out the post at An Information Security Place.   Happy Reading!


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  1. Sonia on

    Hi Great indeed lots of Mobile phone under same name. I was cosufned. I was going to buy that on Ebay and was totally cosufned about the price difference among these. Now i know that its because they have difference features. Thank god i did not wasted my money on the cheapest one.

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