Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit… In Review (Part #2 of 2)

I recently reviewed the Next-Generation WLAN presentation given at the Gartner Mobile & Wireless Summit that took place Feb 23-25, 2009.   I said the authors hit a home run with that presentation.  

This go-around, I am reviewing the “Online Society 2020” presentation which, to me, is more of a ground rule double than a home run.  The ball still went over the center field fence, it just wasn’t as satisfying as a pure home run… 

The presentation started with a high level overview of some of the factors affecting online society in 2020.  These factors were logical based on the information available today: 

  • Technology
  • Social Attitudes 
  • New Jobs/Hobbies 
  • External Factors 

From there, the discussion turned to networked Healthcare, Personal Communications & Collaboration, Education, Entertainment, and Financial Services.  

Some of the predictions seemed rather straight-forward:

(In 2020… “Division between personal and professional life has blurred”) 

Other predicitions were insightful (even downright brilliant): 

(In 2020… “Reputation management will be a billion dollar business”) 

Personally, I would have liked to see a tighter focus on Wireless & Mobile technologies, which was the theme of the conference.  That being said, I applaud the presenters (Nick Jones, Jackie Fenn, and Monica Basso) for attempting to predict society a decade from now.   Futhermore, I would suspect the audience discussion in this session significantly contributed to the overall quality of the presentation.  

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