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Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit… In Review (Part #2 of 2)

I recently reviewed the Next-Generation WLAN presentation given at the Gartner Mobile & Wireless Summit that took place Feb 23-25, 2009.   I said the authors hit a home run with that presentation.  

This go-around, I am reviewing the “Online Society 2020” presentation which, to me, is more of a ground rule double than a home run.  The ball still went over the center field fence, it just wasn’t as satisfying as a pure home run… 

The presentation started with a high level overview of some of the factors affecting online society in 2020.  These factors were logical based on the information available today: 

  • Technology
  • Social Attitudes 
  • New Jobs/Hobbies 
  • External Factors 

From there, the discussion turned to networked Healthcare, Personal Communications & Collaboration, Education, Entertainment, and Financial Services.  

Some of the predictions seemed rather straight-forward:

(In 2020… “Division between personal and professional life has blurred”) 

Other predicitions were insightful (even downright brilliant): 

(In 2020… “Reputation management will be a billion dollar business”) 

Personally, I would have liked to see a tighter focus on Wireless & Mobile technologies, which was the theme of the conference.  That being said, I applaud the presenters (Nick Jones, Jackie Fenn, and Monica Basso) for attempting to predict society a decade from now.   Futhermore, I would suspect the audience discussion in this session significantly contributed to the overall quality of the presentation.  

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Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit… In Review (Part #1 of 2)

I was able to get a copy from a couple of the applicable sessions delivered at Gartner’s Mobile and Wireless Summit this past week.  However, I didn’t attend in person – see my rant “Can IT Vendors be Objective?”

The first session I reviewed is entitled “The Next Generation WLAN: Time to Throw Out the Rule Book?”  It was delivered by Michael King and Timothy Zimmerman, who as you may know, create the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WLAN Infrastructure. 

For me, here are the most interesting observations:

  • The presentation starts off saying that 802.11n networks are faster, cheaper, and better managed than the wired infrastructure deployed in most enterprises today.  Additionally, they said WLANs are more secure and more reliable.
  • The speakers predicted that 70% of new access layer switch ports will be WLANs within the next three to five years.
  • In the notes to the slide containing the Gartner “Magic” Quadrant was the following advice: “To evaluate vendors is the leader’s quadrant and ignore those in other quadrants is risky, and thus discouraged.”
  • There were two excellent points in the action plan (conclusion):
    • For near future, there is not a dominant architecture for wireless offices.  Enterprises should standardize networks on a few device models to keep support cost down.
    • Enterprises should align networking investments to an all-wireless office, plan for the deployments in the next 12 to 24 months.

Personally, I think the authors hit a home-run with this presentation. The points above really hammered home the need for an all wireless enterprise with fewer devices.   What do you think the wireless landscape will look like in the next three to five years?   What do you see as the prevailing WLAN architecture?  

Part #2 of 2 will focus on a presentation given by Nick Jones, Jackie Fenn, and Monica Basso entitled “Online Society 2020”. 

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Press Registration for Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit?!?

Gartner is having their annual Wireless & Mobile Summit this month in Chicago. This is an event that I have always wanted to attend.

I am going to ask about Press Registration for the conference. I know that RSA and other large security conferences have embraced the idea of allowing bloggers to attend and post about their events. In this case, I will have to be posting from either an EVDO card or via my iPhone – which should be a natural fit for an event centered around Wireless & Mobile technologies. 🙂

The first page of the conference brochure (beyond the cover page) starts out with the phrase “Mobile Business 2.0 is coming.  Are you ready?”   I fully believe in Mobile Business 2.0, which is a large reason that I have beefed up my LinkedIn profile, started this blog, and created a Twitter account.  I believe sharing information of this kind is extremely valuable to us as a Wireless & Mobile community.  In that spirit, I hope that Gartner sincerely considers my request for a press pass as a blogger.

Sessions that look particularly interesting to me upon first glance are the ones around RFID, iPhone Forensics, and Online Society in 2020.

If you are interested in attending the event, here are some of the details (they even offer a money back guarantee):

23 – 25  February 2009   |   Chicago, IL   |   Sheraton Chicago

Standard Conference Price

Fee includes conference attendance, documentation and planned functions.  – US $2095

Money Back Guarentee

If you are not completely satisfied with this Gartner conference, please notify us in writing within 15 days of the conference and we will refund 100% of your registration fee.