Mojo – Book Review

Fundamentally, this book was about living a life with happiness and purpose.

There were a couple powerful ideas that I took away from this book.  One was that “we continue doing what we’re doing even when we no longer want to do it”.

This is slightly different, although roughly similar to the theme of Marshall’s other book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”.  What we need to STOP doing is just as important as what we need to START doing.  Similar theories have been espoused in business articles from Jim Collins and by Seth Godin in his book, “The Dip”.

In “Mojo”, this particular point is best illustrated by one key sentence: “The most reliable predictor of what you will be doing five minutes from now is what you are doing now“.  Simple, yet extremely insightful, in my opinion.

This book is more than theory though.  It goes on to show how to practically evaluate all your daily activities to figure out which ones are worth continuing and which ones you should stop.  The framework is a “Mojo Scorecard” and there are example cards in both the book and on the accompanying website.

I don’t want to spoil it here, but my other key take away (and favorite part of the book) was the Coda.  It is at the end (starting on page 183 of the hardcover edition).  It is only two pages long.  It’s titled “You Go First” and has one of the most important life lessons I have ever read, especially for parents.  If I could urge you do one thing, it would be to go to your local library or bookstore and read the Coda.


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