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Wi-Fi Jedi… Now Powered By Cisco!

It’s true.  I took a new job with Cisco.  I am now working as a Mobility CSE (Consulting Systems Engineer).  I am specifically working on Enterprise accounts within Cisco’s Pacific Southwest Operation. 

I was joking with my manager that I needed three things from Cisco before making a more official announcement on taking my new position – a badge, a laptop, and a pay check.   In my opinion, that’s the Cisco hat trick!  🙂  (For those of you who don’t know, I am a *huge* NHL hockey fan).   I’m happy to report that I have been on the job for approximately a month and right now, drinking from the firehose.  

For all those who want to take a drink with me, here’s a great 5 minute video on one of Cisco’s newest products – the Identity Services Engine.