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Recommended Reading: Techworld on Unified Access

I ran across a nice Techworld article that talks about the need for wireless to be as fast, reliable,and scalable as wired Ethernet. Namely, because of the number of new wireless devices on the network that don’t *have* Ethernet ports. However, this article goes beyond BYOD and talks about management and policy for a single Unified Access layer (Wired, Wireless, and VPN), which I believe is a growing trend.

You can read the story here:


Get Pumped Up – It’s the Start of Another Work Week!

Here’s an inspiring video for you to start off your work week.¬† ūüôā

What are Two Things That Make Me Smile? Hockey & Wireless!

OK, I thought I would pass along an interesting article where two of my passions – hockey and Cisco — intersect.¬†¬† Here is an article on Light Reading about Cisco & Verizon updating the Staples Center in Los Angeles for in-stadium video.¬† Apparently it debuted at last night’s LA Kings game.

In-stadium connectivity is becoming increasingly more popular.¬† This article mentions controlling several different video angles.¬† I have a similar stand-alone device from Fan Vision that I use at Arizona Cardinals home games, although that works off of UHF technology.¬† Fan Vision — if you are listening, *please* expand into hockey.¬† PLEASE…

The light reading article I mentioned earlier also talks about fans ordering concessions from their seats.¬† This is something that we already have at Coyotes hockey through a vendor called Bypass.¬† I have tried to use the Bypass Lane at hockey games, but my in-stadium cellular signal isn’t sufficient to place the order, and there is a lack of public Wi-Fi.¬† What makes it particularly frustrating to me is that I know the arena *has* Wi-Fi, but they don’t segment a guest SSID for public consumption.¬† This would not only drive more sales for Bypass, but improve the overall fan experience.¬†¬† I can also see in-stadium Wi-Fi making it easier for fans to post pictures, videos, etc. to their favorite social networking sites, which essentially extends the team’s brand outside of the event space.

The Light Reading article also mentions social networking, in the context of “digital dissing”.¬† I always thought they should run those boards on the jumbo tron where you text your message to a certain number, and then it plays your message.¬† Obviously, they would have to have some good content filtering, but it would be FUN.

While I am happy for the LA Kings and the Staples Center, the Kings are in town tomorrow night to take on *my* Phoenix Coyotes.¬† Let’s Go Coyotes!

ClientLink on the Beach

A colleague of mine on Cisco’s West Coast Mobility Sales Team, Jason Grant, produced a short (one minute) video about one of Wi-Fi product features, ClientLink.¬†¬† However, instead of a dry technical description, he explained it using an interesting visual aid.¬† Take a look:

Wi-Fi Jedi… Now Powered By Cisco!

It’s true.¬† I took a new job with Cisco.¬† I am now working as a Mobility CSE (Consulting Systems Engineer).¬† I am specifically working on Enterprise accounts within Cisco’s Pacific Southwest Operation.¬†

I was joking with my manager that I needed three things from Cisco before making¬†a¬†more official announcement on taking¬†my new position¬†– a badge, a laptop, and a pay check.¬†¬† In my opinion, that’s the Cisco hat trick!¬† ūüôā¬† (For those of you who don’t know, I am a *huge* NHL hockey fan).¬†¬† I’m happy to report that I have been on the job for approximately a month and right now, drinking from the firehose.¬†¬†

For all those who want to take a drink with me, here’s a great 5 minute video on one of Cisco’s newest products – the Identity Services Engine.¬†