Can I Get Some Help With AdSense and WordPress?

OK.  I need some help.  I signed up for a Google AdSense account, and I want to post the ads on   I can seem to generate the proper code within AdSense, but it doesn’t seem to “take”, when I paste it into WordPress.   It  pastes into the text box, but then when I click publish (or save), it seems to “disappear”.

This happens when I paste it into either the “Visual” or “HTML” boxes. It also happens when I try to paste the AdSense code into either a text box along the side column of my main blog page, as well as when I try to enter the code at the bottom of one of my posts.

I should also mention that Word Press is hosting my blog.  I simply paid Word Press for the domain name and DNS redirect.  It’s *not* hosted by another hosting company such as Blue Host or Hosting Gator.  I think that limits my use of plug-ins.

Has anyone else experienced this before?  If so, what is the work around?


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  1. Wireless Ninja (@wirelessninja) on

    You need to get a plugin for the adsense adds to work. They are free just search for adsense in your plug-section and use those

  2. wifijedi on

    @wirelessninja – can you see my updated post. Word Press is the one that hosts my blog, so I think that limits my use of Plug Ins. I may not be able to use AdSense… What do you think?

  3. Wireless Ninja (@wirelessninja) on

    I don’t know anything about wordpress hosting limitations. I do use word press in all my web ventures and you will need to use plugins. I use hostgator for all my site hosting. They are cheap and reliable with great customer service.

    You have lots of great info on your site. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  4. Luann Linnebur on


    You are not allowed to run AdSense on a free Word Press blog. I would bet that WordPress is stripping out the code snippet you add from Google. If I look at the source of your site I can see your attempt to add the code but it looks incomplete and commented out.

    See this page for more information:


  5. Amardeep Juneja on

    I have to agree with Luann. WordPress hosted blogs are not allowed to publish any ads. This was taken from their TOS

    AdSense, Yahoo, Chitika, TextLinkAds, and other third-party advertising is not allowed here at If you would like to run ads on your blog, one of these options may work for you:

    We have a feature called WordAds that lets bloggers with moderate to high traffic and appropriate content turn on ads and earn money from their blogs.
    You can run any ads you’d like if you manage your own WordPress installation. More info, including hosting recommendations, can be found at
    VIP blogs are permitted to run ads.

    You have to be very careful what ads you try to put up on your hosted site. I tried putting up an link on my blog when it was hosted with WordPress and they banned my blog.

    If you own the domain name try looking for a free hosting provider and setup your own WordPress installation. Much more freedom to post and monetize whatever way you want.

    Good Luck!

  6. Hostingwebitalia on

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  7. Garima Bajoria on

    Word press have auto plugin you can use for inserting your adsense ads anywhere in the site. Just search for it in the google.

  8. Laurinda Hiemstra on

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