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Can I Get Some Help With AdSense and WordPress?

OK.  I need some help.  I signed up for a Google AdSense account, and I want to post the ads on   I can seem to generate the proper code within AdSense, but it doesn’t seem to “take”, when I paste it into WordPress.   It  pastes into the text box, but then when I click publish (or save), it seems to “disappear”.

This happens when I paste it into either the “Visual” or “HTML” boxes. It also happens when I try to paste the AdSense code into either a text box along the side column of my main blog page, as well as when I try to enter the code at the bottom of one of my posts.

I should also mention that Word Press is hosting my blog.  I simply paid Word Press for the domain name and DNS redirect.  It’s *not* hosted by another hosting company such as Blue Host or Hosting Gator.  I think that limits my use of plug-ins.

Has anyone else experienced this before?  If so, what is the work around?