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Can I Get Some Help With AdSense and WordPress?

OK.  I need some help.  I signed up for a Google AdSense account, and I want to post the ads on   I can seem to generate the proper code within AdSense, but it doesn’t seem to “take”, when I paste it into WordPress.   It  pastes into the text box, but then when I click publish (or save), it seems to “disappear”.

This happens when I paste it into either the “Visual” or “HTML” boxes. It also happens when I try to paste the AdSense code into either a text box along the side column of my main blog page, as well as when I try to enter the code at the bottom of one of my posts.

I should also mention that Word Press is hosting my blog.  I simply paid Word Press for the domain name and DNS redirect.  It’s *not* hosted by another hosting company such as Blue Host or Hosting Gator.  I think that limits my use of plug-ins.

Has anyone else experienced this before?  If so, what is the work around?


Price of Wireless IDS/IPS

I realize that it has been almost a week since I posted new content on  – don’t despair!   Over the last week, I wrote two guest posts for other notable blogs.  

Last Wednesday, I made another post to my Computerworld blog (“Cautiously Cutting the Cord”) entitled “RSA Inspired Thoughts on Wireless Security”.  The post spoke about different Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) designs.  I just started blogging for Computerworld last month and that is my third post – please visit those posts, Digg them (if you think they are worthy), and comment – I love the conversations generated by comments! 

Last Thursday, I wrote a blog post on addressing pricing concerns of 802.11n networks.  The article had sections outlining the costs and benefits of 802.11n networks.  It even had a section titled “WWWBD? (What Would Warren Buffett Do?).  

I was actually going to summarize these posts on over the weekend, but I ran into a technical difficulty. I originally typed out this post using the WordPress application for my iPhone while on a flight from Phoenix to Seattle. Since I was on a flight, I had to save it in the “local drafts” folder of the iPhone app.  However, when I went back to publish the post, the information wasn’t there! I Googled the issue, and found out that this was a known (and fairly common) issue with the iPhone application for WordPress.  The recommended “fix” was to uninstall and reinstall the application. While this method didn’t allow me to recover the data I had already drafted, it did seem to remedy the issue.  Just to be sure, I wrote a test post, saved it to the local drafts, and came back later and pushed it to the WordPress website.

Lastly, if you can’t get enough discussion of RSA, WIDS/WIPS, and Pricing, you can check out Joanie Wexler’s Network World article on “How intrusion prevention costs compare”.  Happy reading!

New Look

I hope that you enjoy the facelift that I have given my blog.  I am new to Word Press and blogging, so bear with me as I learn.

My recent updates include a new theme, sidebar widgets (including links to some of my favorite websites), a few pictures, and hyperlinks in lieu of URLs.